As a veteran, I don't take calling people cowards lightly.

But yes your stack hits hard and we the people must reflect, educate those not aware, unite and form alliances and ultimately, to ACT to take down, stop, or somehow neutralize the depopluation elitists thug club - ELSE we will suffer abs be tortured to death as a kneeling slave.

I guess as someone who reflects too much on our brave vetetans , whom fought and even died atrocious deaths to give us freedom and liberties, I ask my self over and over WHERE ARE THE LAW MAKERS and judiciary?

Not a single arrest to date. And yes here in Canada, our number one thug and criminal TRUDEAU has seemingly bought, coopted, and corrupted leaders at almost every level .

I ask myself, when it so apparent and obvious why has NO ONE been able to STOP or neutralize Trudeau?

Of course there are TRUDEAUS depopulation allies in every country and every industry and AS USUAL the most corrupt are all at TOP LEVELS of authority, influence and calling the evil shots .

When when Canada has an official INQUIRY into events like the TRUCKERS, - TRUDEAU appoints his old buddies and family connections to the judge .

Well we know and no one ever said LIFE wasn't fair.

But it is coming at an accelerated rare and soon it will be all out KILL or be KILLED unless we see wisdom and common sense return to our world.

In a single word I can tell you the source and cause of what is DESTROYING our planet .

That word was first predicted and spoken by ALBERT EINSTEIN when asked at what he thought was the single greatest problem facing the world.

His answer was .....


Oops maybe I should rethink my.thoughts .

Perhaps it should be LOVE and be TOLERANT of others - ELSE they will kill you .

As the Beatles said and sang over and over ....

All the world needs is LOVE!

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Nov 4, 2023Liked by Blaise

I saw the USA lose its backbone with 9/11. So clearly,"the writing on the wall"!

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For those at the back of the class who haven't been paying attention so far:

The "carbon" they want to reduce (and ideally eliminate altogether) is US!

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